The Oncacare Way

Oncacare aims to revolutionise the cancer clinical research industry by providing more access to patients, increase oncologists participation in trials, helping sites perform trials to a high standard of delivery and quality, and focus on timely enrolment at the best economic value for our Pharmaceutical and CRO clients.

Oncacare works with healthcare systems and oncologists to provide trial access to patients and also reaches out via social media and traditional outreach approaches. Our patient database regularly provides research studies with opportunities for potential participation. We build up a trial aligned patient pool through biomarkers and analysis and tumour profiling - this significantly accelerates recruitment.

'We are a change agent for cancer clinical research.'

Kumar Muthalagappan OBE

CEO - Oncacare

Our Global Research Sites receive an unparalleled level of support to enhance their delivery capabilities. We support our Sites in business placement, negotiating budgets and contracts, study start up, staffing, programme management, training, operational compliance reviews and quality audits and retention strategies – all done in our unique hands-on approach which yields extraordinary results and is welcomed by our Sites, Pharmaceutical and CRO clients, regulatory agencies and most importantly patients.

We believe the continued development of the Oncacare Way will serve as a key change agent for site level operations within the cancer clinical research industry. Our aim is to set the new industry standard for sites